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Salt in my Blood - 

Written and performed and produced by Iggy Rathmann.

Aditional production by Fabian Zeiter & Nico Yubero.

Mixed by Iggy Rathmann & Hans Kruger.

Mastered and Metropol Studios


Alien Love

Written, performed and produced by Iggy Rathmann.

Mixed and mastered by Iggy Rathmann.


Coco Lips (We Could Do Something)

Written, performed and produced by Iggy Rathmann.

Mixed and mastered by Iggy Rathmann.


'A lush concoction of mesmerizing sounds that'll have you shaking your booty,” IndieShuffle

“Falling somewhere between Bon Iver and 80s electronica with a good lick of 90s techno, we’ve a feeling you’re going to like this.” Electronic Sound


AKA MATADOR are Spanish trio Iggy Rathmann, Fabian Zeiter & Nico Yubero.

Growing up in the streets and bull rings of Madrid, making music from age 11, with no formal training, becoming Multi-instrumentalists,.


The new songs were written and recorded during the long hot Spanish summer of 2019. Inspired by their travels across country to beaches, sea, boats, sunsets and summer relationships. The new songs are a parody of those summer clichés with pop chords and melodies set in major keys combined with knowing yet romantic lyrics.


Video: 'Salt In My Blood':

“ We've only had the chance to glimpse the joy of experiences such as summer loves or long drunken nights at the beach from the other side of a window pane or from other people's stories”


“As with many of life's experiences we have had no chance to enjoy. But instead of being sad we've decided to celebrate it, make joy from sadness”.

Video: ‘Chevy Nova’ -

AKA Matador released a new two track EP, You Cool, You Good, Be You, out March 15 on 1-2-3-4. Written and produced by Iggy Rathmann and mastered by Hans Kruger at Mastering Mansion.


The Spanish duo, Iggy Rathmann & Fabian Zeiter, have been locked away recording for 3 months in their apartment in Madrid. This is the first of a group of 20 tracks exploring their fascination with aliens, love and cars. An experiment in sound design, they combine lush lounge recordings, sampling and hints of 80s electronica to create this stylish, opulent and futuristic sound.


Lead track, Chevy Nova muses on a love lost in time, bright and spacious, offset with a heavy dose of melancholy slurred within the vocals. The Spanish guitars of Coco Lips evoke the dance of the matador, funky, more upbeat and organic. Words filter into an unwinding, sprawling drawl - a longing melancholy and a dare to dream.


Draw comparisons to the dreamlike appeal of The Avalanches or Elizabete Balcus, as uplifting electronics intertwine with flutes and live instruments and the carefully sculptured sonics of FKA Twigs. While delicate oceanic musings evoke the sound of Porcelain Raft or Son Lux keeping you afloat in a trancelike haze.


AKA Matador now London based, were born in Madrid and grew-up amidst the bullrings of the city. The EP comes following their debut release, ‘You Never Felt’ premiered in Electronic Sound last year. January 2019 sees their return - they’ve been to the sea, they’ve been to the mountains, they’ve been in love, they’ve been dumped, they’ve been drunk, they’ve been eating badly, they've been driving fast, they've been recording... and this what came out!


You Cool, You Good, Be You, - EP is out now. Available from all good digital stores

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