Arrows of Love recently returned to the live arena at an ATP show in London, toured Europe with California's Meatbodies, and made their first trip to USA to play a triple showcase at SXSW Festival. After stamping their mark on the London’s live music scene (“Influential”- Artrocker, “London’s Rock’n’Roll Troublemakers” – Time Out) and releasing their lauded debut Album in 2014, “Everything’s Fucked” (8/10 TLOBF; 10/10 W&H), the male-female 5-piece led by Nima and Nuha have only seen both their live shows and material evolve over the past year.



Supported by their PRSF Momentum award for 2015/16, Arrows of Love record their second album this summer. Arrows of Love debut album ‘Everything’s Fucked’ is out now on 1-2-3-4 Records from all good record stores and online shops.