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Cardiff based four piece managed by Sean Mclusky. 

After months of noisy basement research and masquerading under the working title of “Luxinterior” out of the dissonance emerged a vaguely legible trajectory amidst the cracked locutions of audio toys and railings of cheap guitars. 

Some months earlier… Ray-gun freak Chris Warlow responds to a crappy looking ad written on a bus-ticket placed by guitar noise fink Cez Mathias and trigger- happy drummer Jason Lorch and within months Acme Bass-o-matic Fudge Wilson completed the line up.

By October 2000 the M.H.R aesthetic was realised, freeze dried and vacuum packed into a fully contoured manifesto. A spate of 20 minute gigs followed, a seething raw flurry of 200mph irregularities and disjointed rants were clean sprung onto audiences across the country.           

October 2001 saw the release of the debut single - (kill/summer/shit & Monobasic) on boobytrap records, a rabid freeze frame of overdriven distortion. Plus a string of live assaults saw the ball start rolling.

Summer 2002 the band dived into the underbelly of London playing high up the bill at the Sonic Mook Experiment ‘Future Rock & Roll’ festival at the ICA and with a track featured on the album of the same name.

A new EP (Luger 600/Pan Am/God Make Me Destroy Those Infidels) was released September 30th 2002 on Sonic Mook Experiment /  Blast First. Describing their sound as being “riddled with foot and mouth” and citing too many influences to name ranging from disgustingly no-fi skin graft obscurities to utter-gutter ripped raw 50’s dementia.

The Martini Henry Rifles toured regularly in 2002 and the early part of 2003 with bands like Liars, Suicide, Terrashima, C64, Some Product, Rogers Sisters, Black Maddonas,

The summer or 2003 saw a new track featured on the New Sonic Mook Experiment album ‘HOT SHIT’ through Mute Records, plus live shows and festival appearances. Also single INFOMERCIAL mixed by Eli Janney (ex Girls V Boys) and single SLASH THE SEATS were released to great reviews and lots of radio play.

Debut album ‘SUPERBASTARD' released on FF Vinyl 2003 



Video: 'Infomercial':

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